Do You Mind If I Ask You a Question?

Hello. Are are you feeling?  Do you have a favorite food? What are your plans for today? What is your favorite vacation destination?  Are you wondering if I lost my mind?  Well, it’s National Ask a Question Day tomorrow.  In honor of that celebration, we have a tv quiz.  I decided to feature my 20 top favorite television shows with a question from each.  So, grab a piece of paper and a pen; answers are at the end of the quiz.  Hint: If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ve seen the answers to many of these questions, but no peeking. Good luck.


(1) The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet – Don DeFore played their neighbor Thorny.  In 1961 he would star in his own show.  What was it?


(2) The Andy Griffith Show – Who was Aunt Bee’s neighbor and best friend?


(3) Bachelor Father – Bentley Gregg lived in Beverly Hills and worked with a lot of stars.  Was he:

(a) An attorney          (b) A family doctor          (c) A film writer


(4) Big Bang Theory – Leslie Winkle, a physicist played by Sara Gilbert, dated two of the main characters.  Who were they?


(5) The Bob Newhart Show – Bob’s sister Ellen ends up marrying another character on the show. Who was it?                                                                                                                                         (a) Dentist Jerry Robinson     (b) Neighbor Howard Borden      (c) Patient Elliott Carlin

(6) The Brady Bunch – What was the name of the kids’ dog?

(7) The Burns and Allen Show – Blanche and Harry Morton lived next door. During the show’s run, Harry was replaced more than once.  They found interesting ways of introducing the new person; e.g., they ended one year with Blanche holding a pan over his head.  The next year, they started the show telling her to get back into place with the pan, but it was a different Harry under it.  How many Harry Mortons were there from 1950-1958?


(8) The Dick Van Dyke Show – Morey Amsterdam plays Buddy Sorrell, a writer on the show.  He always refers to his wife by a “food” name.  Was it:

(a) Sugar Plum                   (b) Cupcake                  (c) Pickles


(9) The Donna Reed Show – Donna had two children Mary and Jeff, played by Shelley Fabares and Paul Petersen.  These two kids had something else in common in real life.  Was it:

(a) There were cousins  (b) They had famous mothers  (c)  They recorded hit songs


(10) Family – Matthew Broderick, married to Sara Jessica Parker, had a famous relative on this show.  Who was it?


(11) Green Acres – The Ziffels owned a pig that was smarter than almost everyone in Hooterville.  What was his name?


(12) Love American Style – This show featured three to four skits each week with television and movie stars. A famous show from the 1970s first appeared as a skit on this show.  What was it?


(13) M*A*S*H – Here’s a two-parter.  What was Radar O’Reilly’s favorite drink and for a bonus, what was his real first name?


(14) Modern Family – Both Gloria and Lily were born in other countries. What countries were they?


(15) My Three Sons – The oldest son, Mike, left the show after 1965.  At the end of that year, he marries his high school sweetheart, moves away to teach at a college, and is only mentioned 4 times during the next 6 years.  What was his girlfriend’s name?

(a Julie          (b) Maureen       (c) Sally


(16) The Partridge Family – This show was loosely based on a real-life family band?  What was it?


(17) Petticoat Junction – Kate Bradley had three girls:  Billy __, Bobby ___, and Betty ___.  They had two-part names and they all had the same second name.  Was it:                                                     (a) Ann                                  (b) Jo                                      (c) Kay


(18) Rizzoli and Isles – Maura, the ME, is extremely intelligent and a fashion plate, but in high school, the kids called her “Maura-the-Bore-A.”  She has a pet named Bass.  Was it:

(a) a chimpanzee             (b) a tortoise                     (c) A skunk (de-fumed)


(19) That Girl – Ann Marie moves to New York City from a smaller town in New York.  Was it:                                    (a) Brewster                         (b) Bedford                       (c) Brighton


(20) thirtysomething – This show about a group of friends was set in a Pennsylvania city.  Was it:

(a) Erie                                  (b) Harrisburg                  (c) Philadelphia



Ok.  Are you ready to check your scores? If you score between 15-20, you are a well-rounded person, at least regarding classic sitcoms.  If you score 10-15, you just need to add some of these shows to your DVD library. If you scored 5-10, you need to go back and re-read all my old blogs.  If you scored less than 5, make up another score, because I don’t want to hear that.



  1. Hazel
  2. Clara
  3. attorney
  4. Leonard and Howard
  5. (b) Neighbor Howard Borden
  6. Tiger
  7. Four
  8. (c) Pickles
  9. (c) They recorded hit songs. Fabares recorded “Johnny Angel” which hit number 1 in 1962. The same year, Petersen’s “My Dad” hit number 6.
  10. James Broderick who played the father Doug Lawrence
  11. Arnold
  12. Happy Days
  13. Grape Nehi; Walter
  14. Colombia and Vietnam
  15. (c) Sally
  16. The Cowsills
  17. (b) Jo
  18. (b) A tortoise
  19. (a) Brewster
  20. (c) Philadelphia

2 thoughts on “Do You Mind If I Ask You a Question?

  1. I got 6 :/ although for the pig I put Arthur so that’s kind of close. I’ll give myself 6 1/2.

    Also, I didn’t know Matthew Broderick was (is?) married to Sarah Jessica Parker.


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