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My Blog.   Join me as we explore the effects of pop culture in shaping our lives.  If you love the outfits Ann Marie wears on That Girl, enjoy Doris Day movies, and can sing along to many of the Partridge Family songs, this blog is for you too. We tackle the history of networks, TV dinners, and the TV guide. We explore themes including episodes about rain, advertising executives, bowling, and resorts. Plus we discover behind-the scenes stories of series, stars, directors, writers, and set designers.

My Classic Television Podcast and Books.  If you enjoy learning about classic television, check out my podcast: Stay Tuned by Diana Peterson. After spending thousands of hours researching and writing my blog articles for more than seven years, I decided to incorporate them into a new multi-volume series. The first four are currently available on Amazon.

My Other Books. If you are looking for my books, the following are for sale on Amazon as well as at local Eau Claire, Wisconsin bookstores.

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A thorough history of logging in Wisconsin.    Learn a bit more about Paul and Babe.

novel1      Autumn Leaves (Volume 2 - Montgomery Family Series) by [Diana Peterson]

In this series, you meet the Montgomery Family, a fun group of characters. All four volumes are set in 1950. Summer Breeze is told from the perspective of Veronica, who lives in California and works for Burns and Allen as they transition from radio to television. Much of the book is set in Indianapolis where the sisters grew up and most of the family resides. Autumn Leaves is narrated by Leslie, the oldest of the Montgomery girls. Winter Dreams is narrated by Meg, the youngest sibling. Spring Seeds will be released in 2021. The books are arranged in chronological order and the family stories are intertwined throughout each one. One of my goals is to make sure the books are historically accurate. While I do create various restaurants, homes and other places, if I discuss a real place, the information is all true. If  show is on television or radio, or a baseball game or some other event takes place, it truly happened that day in history. Each sister is dealing with a particular issue currently in their life throughout the series.